Due Diligence

Acquisition Due Diligence
Analysis of a target acquisition’s real estate portfolio (lease and owned): Occupancy Costs, Space Usage, Operation Costs, and Financial Risks.

Acquisition Target Integration
Study examining the potential overlap of real estate portfolios; impact assessment of Real Estate, Finance, and HR.
Study focused on aligning the organization’s physical footprint with its core objectives.

Internal and External Benchmarking
Compare Industry metrics against those of similar organizations within similar submarkets.
Analysis of current logistics capabilities and potential supply chain optimization strategies. 

Workplace Analysis
Measure the current efficiency of the target organization’s workforce and workflow within their existing footprint(s).
Creation of a comprehensive implementation plan: Strategic Plan Formulation, Transaction Management, and Project Management.

Rising occupancy costs impair a company’s earnings, share value, and overall performance.

Costs related to occupying a space include, but are not limited to:
Rent, Real Estate Taxes, CAM, Pass-Throughs, Property Taxes, Insurance, Depreciation and Amortization Expenses.


  • Itemize and Evaluate All Current Occupancy Costs
  • Propose Strategies to Reduce or Contain Expenses
  • Examine Lease Provisions against Invoices